Ongo® School

Manufacturer: ongo - living motion

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Innovative and ergonomic children's stool in modern style.

  • Shaft: steel, lacquered
  • Base plate made of innovative composite material of wood and plastic (WPC)
  • Seat: polypropylene, glass fiber reinforced

seat Ø 36cm | foot Ø 39cm
height adjustable either 43-62cm or 52-76cm

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Ongo® School from ongo - living motion

Ongo® School - active learning in motion

People have been made by Mother Nature to move. The same can be said when it comes to the brain. Movement supports the flow of blood in the body, and coordinated movements improve the nerve system’s functionality. Which leads us to the essentials of the ONGO®School: It fosters movement while sitting. This is achieved through the use of a rounded foot, a fxed seat, and the elimination of a backrest. When developing ONGO®School, not only did we consider the requirements for movement, but also issues such as sustainability, price, and, of course, design and ergonomics.

The base plate is made of an innovative composite material of wood and plastic (WPC). Ergonomics are also catered to: the comfortable edge, which makes ONGO®School easy to grip; the rough seating surface to ensure the child does not fall when teetering; and the large foot (39 cm / 15 in.) diameter), which allows for plenty of movement while providing stability. The ONGO®School is available in fresh colours and height-adjustable by means of a gas pressure spring (ONGO®School flex). The high-quality craftsmanship that has gone into the making ONGO®School and its timeless form meet the highest requirements for sustainability. Like all ONGO® Active Sitting products, ONGO®School also contributes to a positive environmental footprint by being made in Germany.


  • Seat: polypropylene, glass fiber reinforced
  • ONGO®School flex: gas spring steel
  • Foot made of innovative composite material of wood and plastic (WPC)
  • Cone holders ONGO®School flex: aluminum
  • Release lever ONGO®School flex: steel
  • Button at the release lever: bakelite
  • Surface of foot bottom: CFC-free integral foam


ongo - living motion

ongo® gmbh is a young company in the field of health management, a market with bright prospects for the future. the first product we have developed in-house is the ongo® seat. we are already at work on developing additional devices that will help people easily build simple exercices into our everyday lives to promote health and enhance physical performance - effective devices that also meet the highest aesthetic standards.

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