Ongo® Free Standing seat

Manufacturer: ongo - living motion

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Sit-stand stool, ideal for height-adjustable workstations.

  • Seat either triangle or round
  • Replaceable seat cover knit microfibre (Oeko Tex 100, washable, non-fading, wear-resistant).
  • Shaft black
  • Height-adjustable with anti-twist gas spring, height regular or tall
  • Foot pressed wood natur
  • Made in Germany

3 years warranty on all original parts!

Base plate: Ø 39 cm
Weight: 5,8 kg
Height adjustable either 47-67cm or 58-82cm

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seat height
seat shape
fabric colour
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ONGO®Free is not really a stool, but a sit-stand stool ideal for height-adjustable workplaces. That’s why its triangular or round seat is designed in such a way to always offer optimal support and comfort at any height without restricting its owner. That makes it a perfect choice to keep moving and always find exactly the right posture. The change between sitting and standing relieves the back, strengthens the body’s own support system and helps increase concentration and motivation. No wonder that the ONGO®Free is increasingly popular with people at all levels within companies.


  1. Thanks to a non-rotating gas pressure spring, the ONGO®Free can be easily and continuously adjusted in height - from 47 to 67 cm (regular) and 57 to 81 cm (tall).
  2. So that the stool stands on a safe foot everywhere, the underside of the pressed wood floor plate is coated with soft plastic.
  3. The surface is available either in a transparent varnish or HPL coated in white, black, walnut, oak or aluminium on request.
  4. The modular principle of the ONGO Free - a variety of components you can combine - makes it possible to create almost 2,000 variants of this stool.

There are many versions of the ONGO®Free

  • Shaft: Black or Polished Chrome
  • Laminate on foot: Black, White, Oak, Walnut or Alu, pressed wood natur
  • Triangular seat: 39 x 39 cm (15 x 15 in.) or small round seat: 36 cm
  • Height-adjustable with anti-twist gas spring
    Height: regular 47-67cm and tall 58-82cm (23–32 in.)
  • Made in Germany
  • 3-year warranty


ongo - living motion

ongo® gmbh is a young company in the field of health management, a market with bright prospects for the future. the first product we have developed in-house is the ongo® seat. we are already at work on developing additional devices that will help people easily build simple exercices into our everyday lives to promote health and enhance physical performance - effective devices that also meet the highest aesthetic standards.

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