FNP Shelf

Manufacturer: nils holger moormann

Designer: Axel Kufus

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The individually combinable shelving system is available with compartments of different sizes, double depth and with or without clamping devices. Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you!


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The design of this shelf system has been reduced to side panels and shelves, which when joined by inserted aluminum rails, accentuate the transparency of the structure itself. The shelf system can be adapted due to its simple and intelligent construction to almost all conditions in a room area. Its appearance remains open despite its relative strength. No tools are needed to assemble FNP. A tensioning device provides extra stability for freestanding shelves. FNP shelf system - versions: FNP 12: FNP of material thickness 12 mm, FNP X: FNP with smaller compartments (in height, width, depth), FNP X12: FNP X of material thickness 12 mm, FNP Archivregal: FNP with doubled depth, accessable from both sides, freestanding, FNP Postmeister: FNP with narrow compartments, material thickness 12 mm.


nils holger moormann

following the guiding ideas of simplicity, intelligence and innovation, the products are characterized primarily by "inventions", precise solutions for details and a minimalist design.

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