Fascinating landscapes, special cultural treasures and cheerful people characterize colombia. the decision for a furniture or living object by ames is a decision for something that was created by hand in the old colombian tradition - for a unique piece with character that makes the own environment unique and extraordinary.

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Caribe Basket Table by ames -10%
Caribe Basket Table
side table
from 494,00 €
Caribe Bench by ames -10%
Caribe Bench
from 2.061,00 €
Caribe Dinner by ames -10%
Caribe Dinner
from 629,00 €
Caribe Dinner Table by ames
Caribe Dinner Table
from 1.890,00 €
Caribe High Table by ames
Caribe High Table
side table
from 549,00 €
Caribe Lounge by ames
Caribe Lounge
from 819,00 €
Caribe Low Table by ames
Caribe Low Table
coffee table
from 699,00 €
Caribe Vis a Vis by ames
Caribe Vis a Vis
from 2.590,00 €