SK 08 Butterfly (light, open front) table

Manufacturer: Janua

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Exceptional table with special surface treatment by the artist Stefan Knoop - every table is unique!

  • Table top solid oak (open / split)
  • Charburned heavily limed  (shade silver), charburned / leached / limed  (shade brown) or leached (shade white)
  • Frame lacquered steel cheeks

length 180cm | width 90cm | height 75cm

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table top
steel base

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Natural symmetry. For the production of the SK 08 Butterfly table, the t wo central planks, of about 60 – 70 cm in width, are selected from the trunk of an oak and unfolded. The result is a distinctive tabletop rom two mirrored planks. The name Butterfly stands, first, for the principle of the unfolding of the table top, and second, for the appearance of a butterfly.

The SK 08 Butterfly is available with an open or closed glued front side and thus in two models. Through the unique surface treatment by Stefan Knopp, the mirrored grain comes into full effect.

Specia surface treatment

Oak, charburned is the result of a special surface treatment by the artist and designer Stefan Knopp. In this process, the oak is charburned with a Bunsen burner and then brushed.

Charburned / heavily limed oak (shade silver): For this colour shade in the second step, a lime wax is applied and then partially removed again. To enhance the effect, the lime wax is applied again in a further step. Finally, the surface is sealed with a special oil.

Charburned / leached / limed oak (shade brown): For this look in the second step, a lime wax is applied and then slightly removed again. Finally, the surface is sealed with a special oil.

Leached oak (shade white): Leached oak is always processed with a so-called chainsaw structure. In this, the artist "shaves" the wood surface with a chainsaw, thus creating a unique wooden structure. The surface is then brushed in a process that takes a lot of strength and time. Then the leach is incorporated in a series of sequences. Finally, the surface is sealed and protected with a colourless oil.


Janua develops and produces timeless furniture for the home and office. Janua waives unnecessary frills and concentrates on the essentials. The design should be simple, exciting and flashy - but not dominate and splurge. Each piece of furniture from Janua is individually. Wood and other materials are selected and arranged as desired.

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