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Leather care set

Manufacturer: de sede

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Leather care set consisting of:

  • Leather Softclean cleaning agent specially formulated for deSede-smooth leather
  • Leather Cream restores moisture to the leather

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Leather care set from de sede

Never use solvents such as stain removers, turpentine or petrol as cleaning agents. Do not use shoe cream or wax polish for care purposes. To clean and care for your furniture correctly, we recommend using the de Sede Leather Care Set, which has been specially developed for treating de Sede leather.

Before using a cleanser or care product, you should try it out on an area of the furniture that is concealed from view. Never apply the product directly to the leather; first put a little on a clean, soft cloth and apply it to the leather in a gentle sweeping motion over a large area, from seam to seam. Do not press too hard. If the cloth becomes coloured with the leather dye rather than with dirt, the product is unsuitable. Cleaning should always be done over a large area and never just in small spots. Always follow the instructions provided by the maker of the product.

1. Cleaning with Leather Soft Cleaner
Shake bottle before use. Apply Leather Soft Cleaner to the enclosed sponge and squeeze the sponge several times to create a lather. Gently rub the surface of the leather to clean, working from seam to seam. Wait until the leather is completely dry before treating the furniture with Leather Cream. Leather Soft Cleaner was developed for all types of smooth leathers. For leathers not from de Sede, test for suitability on a concealed area. Caution: Keep out of reach of children.

2. Treating with Leather Cream
Leather Cream puts moisture back into leather, making it soft and supple and enhancing its colour. Leather Cream should be used after upholstery has been cleaned with Leather Soft Cleaner (allow leather to dry completely before applying). Shake bottle and pour Leather Cream onto the enclosed cloth (never directly on the leather) and work it into the cloth. Apply the cream to the leather in wide circular sweeping motions from seam to seam without rubbing too excessively. For leathers not from de Sede, test for suitability on a concealed area. Caution: Keep out of reach of children.


de sede

Craftsmanship at the highest level, the strictest quality standards, maximum attention to detail and the personal commitment of all employees have made de Sede famous. For decades, the Swiss design furniture manufacturer has been dedicated to handcrafting and processing leather in its most beautiful form into stylish and exclusive seating furniture.

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