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High gloss, velvety soft polyester carpet.

  • 100% Micro Tech PES
  • Pile height approx. 15mm / total height approx. 17mm
  • Backside PES / cotton, jute & latex

width 170cm | lenght 240cm

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Galaxy from b.i.c. carpets

The Galaxy collection is manufactured from polyester, which naturally has a high-gloss appearance. This has translated into luxury rugs in 8 vibrant colors. Because of its slightly glossy appearance and high degree of stain resistance, polyester is a popular choice. In addition to a velvety soft feel underfoot, this rug provides a wonderful sense of luxury.

Please note:
A velour carpet occasionally appears to change colour in some areas. When looking at the carpet from one angle, these areas appear lighter than the rest of the carpet. If you look from the other side, these areas appear to be darker. This is particularly noticeable on plain coloured goods and is the result of pressure from use, causing a change in the direction of the pile. 

This is a natural characteristic of all velour carpets and does not affect the quality or life of the carpet, nor is it a manufacturing fault. Care instructions are enclosed with each of our deliveries. Please keep these in a safe place. Regular and proper care will prolong the life of the carpet.


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