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Manufacturer: Benetti Stone Philosophy

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Wall tiles made of real moss.

  • Available in different colours.
  • Package with 5 wall tiles

29,6cm x 29,6cm

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MOSStile® from Benetti Stone Philosophy

MOSStile® is the first vertical maintenance-free garden. MOSStile® is made using a moss which remains stable over time needing just a 50% or higher humidity. It does not require irrigation or fertilization, it does not have to be pruned and it can be placed in rooms without natural light. MOSStile® is provided on ecologic resin bases ready for installation. It is available in 12 natural colours in 29.8 x 29.8 cm size, it can be used alone or in combination with Benetti items.

MOSStile® is a tile of natural moss which can be used for inner covering. A minimum dampness value of 50% in the surrounding ambient is the basic condition for an ideal use of tile®. Making sure that dampness does not fall below this percentage allows a long-lasting maintenance of this product.tile® does not need any watering system nor direct wash out. It can be occasionally refreshed by water spraying from a minimum distance of 50 cm. MOSStile® must not be exposed to direct sunlight. It can be installed only in ambient with artificial light. It does not need any plant stimulating lamps. MOSStile® does not need any gardening after installation. Do not walk on no toxic substances are used in the processing of the natural moss. The inert substrate and the natural moss make MOSStile® a fireproof product.The fire resistance is being attested according to Italian and European laws.

Benetti Stone Philosophy

Benetti Stone Philosophy new collection was born in 2008 from Studio Biemme 2 knowledge and researches on aesthetics and quality, combining handcraft tradition and new manufactoring technologies. Benetti Stone Philosophy's different collections suggest previous solutions for floor and covering and new sophisticated interieur design proposals deticated to architecture.

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