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Manufacturer: Vagnbys

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Modern enhancement of the champagne saber.

  • Cutting edge, handle and finger protection in a perfectly formed cast stainless steel casting.

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This modern further development of a champagne saber combines cutting edge, handle and finger protection in a single, perfectly shaped casting of stainless steel. The perfectly modelled handle and solid blade form, in its design, a perfectly balanced sabre. Its weight of 550 grams makes it possible to behead the bottle with little force and only a slight swing. Every champagne bottle neck should be afraid of this modern interpretation.

Made of high gloss cast stainless steel.

Le sabrage "/ The sabrage is the technique of opening a champagne bottle with a sabre. Follow the shape of the bottle and lead the saber along it to knock off the champagne head. Have the open bottle ready for pouring. The cutting edge strikes the bead of the bottle head from below and separates it with its edge and the cork from the bottleneck. The blade does not have to be sharp.

Attention: This is a domestic appliance and not a weapon. Blade is blunt. Watch out for flying shards. Ensure that there are no persons or animals in close proximity during use. Caution should also be exercised after opening the bottle neck, as it may have sharp edges. Always remove the detached bottle head after the head has been removed.



The products of Vagnbys are done for the modern and style-conscious consumer who places great emphasis on a modern home with style and elegance.

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