Vinyl record player

Manufacturer: sonoro

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Turntables for the highest demands - unique hi-fi sound experience thanks to the latest technologies.

  • Housing made of high-grade painted die-cast aluminium
  • Smooth running AC synchronous motor
  • Turntable POM for excellent resonance characteristics
  • 33 1/3 and 45 revolutions per minute
  • Straight precision tone arm with high stiffness
  • VM-Pickup AT95E from Audio-Technica
  • Acoustically decoupled, height-adjustable device feet

width 46cm | depth 36cm | height 17,5cm
​weight approx. 11kg


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For the most demanding music enthusiasts the record has never been out of fashion, but always the epitome of love for music and the expression of lifestyle. No other medium can combine the enthusiasm of touching, watching, playing and listening to music in such a way.

The new high-end audio system from sonoro was developed for precisely these music lovers who long to rediscover the unmistakable sound of analogue records - or to celebrate them properly. sonoroVINYL, the first turntable from sonoro, brings the unmistakable sound of the records into the living room, fulfils highest demands and creates unique hi-fi sound experiences by using the most modern technologies.


  • Operating mode: Manual
  • Housing: 16mm thick cover plate made of high quality brushed aluminium die-casting
  • Drive: Precision flat belt, internal on subplate
  • Motor: Smooth running AC synchronous motor
  • Turntable: POM (polyoxymethylene) for excellent resonance characteristics
  • Speeds: 33 1/3 and 45 revolutions per minute
  • Pitch: The adjustment range is approx. +/- 1%.
  • Switching: Electronic
  • Disc bearings: magnetically decoupled precision bearing, Geo? lt, with plastic shaft, which rotates on a steel ball in a brass bush.
  • Tonearm: straight precision tonearm made of aluminium material mix with high stiffness
  • Audio-Technica's AT95E Half-inch Mount moving VM Magnetic Pickup from Audio-Technica
  • Limit switch-off: No
  • Preamplifier: Switchable for MM and MC systems for direct connection to sonoro audio systems and commercially available amplifiers.
  • Acoustically decoupled, height-adjustable device feet
  • Screwable plate clamp
  • Adjustment template for overhang and crocheting as well as adjustment of the anti-scaling force
  • Acrylic dust cover


sonoro audio gmbh & co. kg from Cologne proves itself as a manufacturer of audio lifestyle electronics with the concept designed and engineered in Germany and a strategy of consistent quality.

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