• Interior Innovation Award (2012)
  • iF Design Award (2012)

QLOCKTWO TOUCH alarm clock

Manufacturer: QLOCKTWO

Designer: Biegert & Funk

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Design awarded table clock with typographical display and alarm functions.

  • base: aluminium, silver lacquered
  • front cover coloured lacquered acrylic glass (Qolor Touch)
  • functions: alarm, snooze, night touch, night light
  • available in 19 languages
  • power supply: 110 - 230 V
    lower consumption due to brilliant LED technology
  • handmade in Germany by BIEGERT & FUNK

size square 13,5x13,5cm
depth 1,7cm

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QLOCKTWO TOUCH is a precision table clock with an alarm function. Like her big sister QLOCKTWO CLASSIC, it displays the time in the middle of a matrix of letters, spelling out the time in words. A special screen process gives the letters, which are illuminated by brilliant LEDs, pin sharp definition. In a precise procedure the monolithic body is seamlessly milled from a single aluminium block. The ensemble represents a milestone in the aesthetics of table clocks.. The corresponding front cover is required for the chosen language. The front covers are available as extras and can be quickly exchanged. Please note that, due to the particular characters, a change of language is not possible for Arabic, Chinese Modern and Japanese language versions.

The exchangeable front cover of the QLOCKTWO CLASSIC is made from brushed stainless steel or polished acrylic glass available in seven different colours. The front panel is held in position with magnets enabling it to be exchanged quickly and with minimum effort. The appearance of your QLOCKTWO can therefore be changed as and when desired in a matter of seconds by simply exchanging the front cover.

QLOCKTWO TOUCH can display the time in 19 languages and can easily be changed to the desired language. The corresponding front cover is required for the chosen language which can then be effortlessly exchanged.


A light sensor under the front cover enables the brightness of the LEDs to adjust automatically to the ambient light conditions. The luminosity can also be set manually.

In the "Night Touch" mode the clock is completely dark leaving you to enjoy your night. To read the clock simply touch the surface and the time appears for two seconds. At the press of a button the night light function is activated. A second press turns the light off again.

QLOCKTWO TOUCH can reliably wake you or remind you of an appointment, first gently then with some persuasion. The alarm function is turned on and off by pressing the alarm button at the back of the clock. The alarm rings but you are not quite ready to start the day? Simply touch the top of your QLOCKTWO TOUCH to activate the snooze mode.

QLOCKTWO displays the time typographically in combination with four light points. The seconds are shown as large numbers inside the matrix. In seconds mode the minute points in the corners are still visible


The QLOCKTWO TOUCH, made in the factory from Biegert & Funk, has been awarded the international Interior Innovation Award and the iF Product Design Award 2012.



A strong friendship paired with diligence and inventive genius has helped the designer duo Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk from Schwäbisch Gmünd achieve global success. They are the inventors of the word clock „QLOCKTWO®“. The principle behind displaying the time in words is as amazing as it is brilliant.

The uncompromising premium standard has developed into a significant pillar of the entire company philosophy and was jointly responsible for the many global design awards and prizes. In 2014 alone, the QLOCKTWO® received four design awards, including the iF Product Design Award, the GOOD DESIGN Award and the Plus X Award for functionality and design. Apart from the wall clock now called „QLOCKTWO® CLASSIC“, today the QLOCKTWO® range includes watches, a decorative table clock with alarm as well as the „QLOCKTWO® LARGE“ with its impressive size of 90 × 90 cm. All this in 19 languages, including Chinese, Arabic and even Swabian, as well as many colours and materials for the front plates up to fashionable rusted sheet steel or noble gold leaf.

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