caesar sofa serie

Manufacturer: Molinari

Designer: vanzanten

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The Caesar sofa range includes armchairs, two- and three-seater sofas as well as corner combinations with high or low armrests. Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you!


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Great personality for this couch with a soft and tonic impact. Its feeling of being at the centre of attention is determined by its strength, which never becomes overwhelming. The armrest, as deep as the backrest, the two sitting cushions, light because they are thinner and completely stuffed with feathers, the slightly oblique backrest which comforts the back muscles, and the slight stitchings in the backrest itself, are just a few characteristics of this incredibly comfortable couch. Its robust nature is alleviated and embellished by the chromed profile at the base, which “turns on”, brings light to the lower part, while the feet, hidden since they are positioned out of sight, lift it off the ground, almost as if by magic.

Sturdy inner wooden frame.
Elastic straps.
Expanded polyurethane.
Padding with downs, stabilized in sectors.
High-grade expanded polyurethane RG 40.
Wooden feet.
Polyester fibre coupled with a cotton layer.
Tubular metallic frame with elastic straps.
Visco foam padding.



Molinari will try to broaden our point of view, expand it to include aspects of human thought and deed that we somehow share an affinity with. We will meet professional figures from the world of Design, Architecture, Fashion, the Communications industry - but also with artists, writers, film-directors - who will help widen our horizons, and understand the deep changes taking place in our age.

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