jagger high back sofa system

Manufacturer: minotti

Designer: Rodolfo Dordoni

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minotti relies on jagger to answer the need for softness and casualness. softness taking different shapes, something that makes you sense a whole world. meanwhile let its purely aesthetic dimension be caught: jagger expands in space, smoothly. its calm roundness has the flavour of sober, smart, luxurious reception. however, this would be of no use, if the system were not able to translate such smartness into informal modernity. just look at jagger, and you will immediately know that it speaks a contemporary language, and that you can easily interact with it. once seated, you will listen to the certainty of tradition, and well-built things. yes, rock, but a classic of rock. so far we have spoken in the singular; yet there are four jaggers, variations on the same creative stock, by rodolfo dordoni. both the armrest and the back are changeable, either high or low or mixed: “high back”, “high back + high armrest”, “low back” and the latest version, “slim armrest”, which fits compact, intimate spaces best. these variations make impulsive choices and shared love possible. when you see jagger, you are captivated by its fresh softness (the armrests are even padded with a goose down cover) and are aware that you can choose the model that suits you best, for sure. you just have to get to know it.



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