Axy (laminate porcelain) table

Manufacturer: mdf italia

Designer: Claudio Bellini

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Elegant table with fixed (non-extendable) table top.

  • Table top porcelain laminate (Calce / Pietra di Savoia)
  • Frame lacquered aluminum
  • Ideal dining table, also outside in the garden, by the pool or on the terrace usable
  • Extremely resistant to heat, stains, light and environmental influences
  • Particularly easy to care

length 200cm | depth 80cm | height 73cm

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Lightness combined with dynamic perception of suspension is the theme developed by the design of the new table system Axy. A basic architecture in which the original design of the two structural bridges, entirely made of aluminium, recomposes the tensions and strength lines with expressive efficacy. A thin top completes the table, conveying an overall aerial impression underpinned by reassuring stability. Available in various configurations, including the extendable version, with a wide choice of materials and finishes Axy naturally adapts to a broad range of interpretations both for indoor and outdoor use, from the dining-table to the working desk.

In addition to the model offered here with an laminate porcelain table top, which can be ordered in different staine colours and with fixed or extendable table top, Axy is also available with table tops in Fenix or stained oak.

Laminate porcelain (Calce und Pietra di Savoia)

Laminate porcelain obtained by wet grinding of clay raw materials, granite and metamorphic rocks, with a feldspathic component and ceramic pigments. Specially shaped in a compactor and sintered at 1200°C, with gas fi ring. Structurally reinforced with inert material (fi berglass blanket bonded on the back).

It is simple, fast and easy to clean and has no special maintenance requirements as time goes by; generally speaking, all you need to clean the surface is warm water and a neutral detergent.

Distinctive values:

  • the surface porosity is average 0.1% and it does not absorb water.
  • the ceramic surface does not contain any organic materials and so its surface is not altered in case of direct contact with very hot items in the kitchen, like pots and pans, and high temperatures.
  • is not affected by prolonged contact with products commonly found in the kitchen that can cause staining, such as wine, coffee, olive oil, or lemon juice, and its colour or shine will not be affected permanently.
  • is not affected by prolonged contact with normal household detergents, including products to eliminategrease or lime scale.
  • is not affected by chemicals, solvents or disinfectants. The only chemical that can damage ceramics is hydrofl uoric acid.
  • the ceramic surface is not affected by longterm humidity.
  • the ceramic surface is not affected by drops in temperature or the formation of ice.
  • is not affected by exposure to UV light and will preserve its original good looks throughout its lifetime.
  • is resistant to scratching and deep abrasion. Its properties do not change even if it is subjected to intensive use in the kitchen and frequent cleaning.

mdf italia

the neutrality of aluminum, the strength of wood, the integration with color and forms.

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