ZEUS is a design furniture collection, self-produced, distributed worldwide. Main designers are Maurizio Peregalli , Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, Franco Raggi, Marie-Christine Dorner, Ron Arad.

The choice of materials is industrial and natural at the same time, corresponding to ZEUS research of rigor and simplicity, subtracting the unnecessary and focusing on specificity of surfaces and living materials.

17 Products

Big Gim by ZEUS
Big Gim
from 1.786,00 €
Industrial Stool by ZEUS
Industrial Stool
from 287,00 €
Manhattan (chair) by ZEUS
Manhattan (chair)
bar stool
from 374,00 €
Manhattan (stool) by ZEUS
Manhattan (stool)
from 464,00 €
Milky Stool Muuu by ZEUS
Milky Stool Muuu
from 345,00 €
Slim Irony (coffee table) by ZEUS
Slim Irony (coffee table)
coffee table
from 778,00 €
Slim Irony (console) by ZEUS
Slim Irony (console)
from 465,00 €
Slim Irony (side tables) by ZEUS
Slim Irony (side tables)
side table
from 239,00 €
Slim Irony Art by ZEUS
Slim Irony Art
side table
from 365,00 €
Slim Irony Bookcase by ZEUS
Slim Irony Bookcase
from 1.521,00 €
Slim Irony Column by ZEUS
Slim Irony Column
from 581,00 €
Slim Irony Oval by ZEUS
Slim Irony Oval
side table
from 315,00 €
Slim Irony Rack by ZEUS
Slim Irony Rack
from 953,00 €
Slim Irony Sideboard by ZEUS
Slim Irony Sideboard
from 765,00 €
Slim Irony UP by ZEUS
Slim Irony UP
side table
from 245,00 €
Slim Irony Wire Glass by ZEUS
Slim Irony Wire Glass
side table
from 306,00 €