as soon as you see yomei furniture, you will immediately notice something special: fine contours, high quality materials, precise workmanship and intelligent designs that are often only revealed on second glance. yomei stands for functionality in design. the young yomei collection has already received an award for its unique combination of form and functionality. the versatile magic desk earned the coveted red dot design award in 2008. the magic cube (2009) is an impressive multi-functional cabinet with a transformable inner space concealed behind aesthetic doors while the wrap armchair and the sumo sofa provide optimal sitting comfort in quality neck leather.

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Magic Desk by yomei
Magic Desk
from 2.998,00 €
flaschenhalter by yomei
bottle holder
from 198,00 €
flat (klappbar) by yomei
flat (klappbar)
serving trolley
from 138,00 €
flat fix (nicht klappbar) by yomei
flat fix (nicht klappbar)
serving trolley
from 1.298,00 €
Fold by yomei
from 1.998,00 €
magic cube bar by yomei
magic cube bar
coffee/bar cabinet
from 12.198,00 €
magic cube dress by yomei
magic cube dress
make-up/dressing table
from 6.198,00 €
magic cube work by yomei
magic cube work
from 7.398,00 €
Magic Matrix by yomei -10%
Magic Matrix
from 6.141,00 €
Smart by yomei
console table
from 2.148,00 €
Smart (120 / 140) by yomei
Smart (120 / 140)
chest of drawers
from 2.448,00 €
Smart (narrow) by yomei
Smart (narrow)
bedside table
from 1.198,00 €
Smart (wide) by yomei
Smart (wide)
bedside table
from 1.298,00 €
Smart Desk by yomei
Smart Desk
from 2.148,00 €
Squat (bench) by yomei
Squat (bench)
from 1.298,00 €
Squat (stool) by yomei
Squat (stool)
from 698,00 €