Side by Side

Useful everyday helpers and accessories in an attractive, functional design. Produced in a high proportion by hand in workshops for people with disabilities. For ecological reasons, local woods are primarily used, the surfaces remain untouched by human hand or treated with environmentally friendly oils, waxes or varnishes. Discover a design collection, which is "beautiful different" in many directions.

10 Products

WineLight by Side by Side
candle holder
from 35,00 €
Au Pair by Side by Side
Au Pair
ironing board
from 230,00 €
Brush & Dustpan Set by Side by Side
Brush & Dustpan Set
household helpers
from 69,00 €
Filius by Side by Side
clothes peg bag
from 48,00 €
Gaston (coat rack) by Side by Side
Gaston (coat rack)
wall coat rack
from 169,00 €
Gaston (shoe rack) by Side by Side
Gaston (shoe rack)
shoe rack
from 189,00 €
Lady Long by Side by Side
Lady Long
shoe rack
from 205,00 €
Mama by Side by Side
drying rack
from 290,00 €
New Papa by Side by Side
New Papa
drying rack
from 240,00 €
TimTom by Side by Side
coat rack
from 199,00 €