Enlightenments - both in the sense of enlightenment and of illumination. Is the claim Rotaliana adopted to show that in all its product there is a part - whether it be big or small - of an "enlightening" qualities for the intuition and disclosure of new solutions for the daily life.

60 Products

Antares by rotaliana
Wall lamp
from 410,00 €
Belvedere W1 by rotaliana
Belvedere W1
Wall lamp
from 287,00 €
Belvedere W2 by rotaliana
Belvedere W2
Wall lamp
from 370,00 €
Chiardiluna by rotaliana
Table lamp
from 367,00 €
CM2 W2 by rotaliana
CM2 W2
Wall lamp
from 445,00 €
Collide H0 by rotaliana
Collide H0
Wall / ceiling lamp
from 314,00 €
Collide H1 by rotaliana
Collide H1
Wall / ceiling lamp
from 450,00 €
Collide H2 by rotaliana
Collide H2
Wall / ceiling lamp
from 450,00 €
Collide H3 by rotaliana
Collide H3
Wall / ceiling lamp
from 694,00 €
Dina + by rotaliana
Dina +
Table lamp
from 353,00 €
Dina H1 by rotaliana
Dina H1
Suspension lamp
from 257,00 €
Dina T1 by rotaliana
Dina T1
Table lamp
from 278,00 €
Diva by rotaliana %
Light / music system
from 180,00 €
Dresscode W1 by rotaliana
Dresscode W1
Wall lamp
from 334,00 €
Dresscode W2 by rotaliana
Dresscode W2
Wall lamp
from 439,00 €
Drink F1 LED by rotaliana
Drink F1 LED
Floor lamp
from 833,00 €