The pleasure of creating something, the close collaboration with designers, the high quality and diligence of our manufactories, the love of materials, and great functionality – all that is a part of each of our unique products. A Pulpo product – made in Europe!

27 Products

Alwa One by Pulpo
Alwa One
Side table
from 1.100,00 €
Alwa One Big by Pulpo
Alwa One Big
Side table
from 1.349,00 €
Alwa Three by Pulpo
Alwa Three
Side table
from 1.360,00 €
Alwa Three Big by Pulpo
Alwa Three Big
Side table
from 1.580,00 €
Alwa Two by Pulpo
Alwa Two
Side table
from 1.170,00 €
Alwa Two Big by Pulpo
Alwa Two Big
Side table
from 1.501,00 €
Como Large by Pulpo
Como Large
Wall shelf
from 2.390,00 €
Como Medium by Pulpo
Como Medium
Wall shelf
from 1.990,00 €
Como Small by Pulpo
Como Small
Wall shelf
from 1.490,00 €
Container High by Pulpo
Container High
from 270,00 €
Container Low by Pulpo
Container Low
from 270,00 €
Dita by Pulpo
table mirror
from 290,00 €
Lyn High by Pulpo
Lyn High
from 3.199,00 €
Lyn Small by Pulpo
Lyn Small
from 1.850,00 €
Mila by Pulpo
side table
from 1.450,00 €
Oda Big by Pulpo
Oda Big
Floor lamp
from 2.129,00 €