Oluce lights inspire again and again with new and fresh designs. After all, Oluce has been one of the pioneering labels in the Italian design scene since the company was founded. Oluce is also the oldest lighting manufacturer in Italy - still active today. So much tradition, experience and a feel for modernity can of course also be seen in her lighting ideas: Coupé, Lanterna, Colombo, Atollo, Sonora. Oluce design lamps from Italy.

26 Products

Atollo Glass by Oluce
Atollo Glass
Table lamp
from 557,00 €
Atollo Gold by Oluce
Atollo Gold
Table lamp
from 1.718,00 €
Atollo Metal by Oluce
Atollo Metal
Table lamp
from 1.153,00 €
Cand-led by Oluce
Table lamp
from 181,00 €
Canopy 421/422 by Oluce
Canopy 421/422
Suspension lamp
from 1.146,00 €
Colombo 626 by Oluce
Colombo 626
Floor lamp
from 896,00 €
Colombo 885 by Oluce
Colombo 885
Suspension lamp
from 569,00 €
Coroa 480 by Oluce
Coroa 480
from 3.355,00 €
Coupé by Oluce
Table lamp
from 695,00 €
Coupé 3320/R by Oluce
Coupé 3320/R
Floor lamp
from 2.766,00 €
Dim by Oluce
Floor lamp
from 941,00 €
Drop by Oluce
Lighting series
from 643,00 €
Fiore 423/433 by Oluce
Fiore 423/433
Hanging lamp
from 1.497,00 €
Lanterna by Oluce
Suspension lamp
from 483,00 €
Lu-Lu 211 by Oluce
Lu-Lu 211
Table lamp
from 658,00 €
Lu-Lu 311 by Oluce
Lu-Lu 311
Floor lamp
from 868,00 €