Made in Italy. The essence of an idea has to be visualized, has to strike a chord.

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Cloe by Lumina
table lamp
from 351,00 €
Cloe Morsetto by Lumina
Cloe Morsetto
clamp lamp
from 307,00 €
Daphine (LED) by Lumina
Daphine (LED)
table lamp
from 450,00 €
Daphine Parete 20 LED by Lumina
Daphine Parete 20 LED
Wall lamp
from 284,00 €
Daphine Parete 35 LED by Lumina
Daphine Parete 35 LED
Wall lamp
from 284,00 €
Daphine Terra (LED) by Lumina
Daphine Terra (LED)
floor lamp
from 530,00 €
Daphinette (LED) by Lumina
Daphinette (LED)
table lamp
from 312,00 €
Elle 1 by Lumina
Elle 1
Floor Lamp
from 580,00 €
Elle 2 by Lumina
Elle 2
Floor Lamp
from 821,00 €
FLO Bedside by Lumina
FLO Bedside
Table Lamp
from 352,00 €
FLO Clamp by Lumina
FLO Clamp
Clamp Lamp
from 369,00 €
FLO Desk by Lumina
FLO Desk
Table Lamp
from 387,00 €
FLO Floor by Lumina
FLO Floor
Floor Lamp
from 476,00 €
FLO Lounge by Lumina
FLO Lounge
Floor Lamp
from 458,00 €
FLO Wall by Lumina
FLO Wall
Wall lamp
from 309,00 €
FLO Wall M by Lumina
FLO Wall M
Wall lamp
from 268,00 €