ingo maurer

Ingo Maurer, born 1932, started to design exceptional lamps and lighting systems in 1966, which his company, Ingo Maurer GmbH, produces and distributes worldwide. Maurer has received a number of renowned design awards and has been conferred an honorary doctorate degree by the Royal College of Art, London.

16 Products

24 Karat Blau T by ingo maurer
24 Karat Blau T
Table lamp
from 990,00 €
Bibibibi by ingo maurer
Table lamp
from 820,00 €
Birdie by ingo maurer
from 2.180,00 €
Birdie's Nest by ingo maurer
Birdie's Nest
Ceiling lamp
from 1.830,00 €
Birds Birds Birds by ingo maurer
Birds Birds Birds
from 5.620,00 €
Bulb by ingo maurer
Table lamp
from 1.350,00 €
Campari Light by ingo maurer
Campari Light
Suspension lamp
from 330,00 €
Canned Light by ingo maurer
Canned Light
Hanging lamp
from 250,00 €
Don Quixote by ingo maurer
Don Quixote
Table lamp
from 670,00 €
Ilios by ingo maurer
Floor lamp
from 870,00 €
Lucellino by ingo maurer
Table lamp
from 490,00 €
Max.Kugler by ingo maurer
Table lamp
from 1.420,00 €
Mozzkito by ingo maurer
Table lamp
from 660,00 €
One From The Heart by ingo maurer
One From The Heart
Table lamp
from 580,00 €
Zettel’z 5 by ingo maurer
Zettel’z 5
Suspension lamp
from 890,00 €
Zettel’z 6 by ingo maurer
Zettel’z 6
Suspension lamp
from 870,00 €