Design furniture and lamps made of different materials, in a timeless and stylish design are the result of the work of Danish design house GUBI. Curiosity, courage and intuition are key components for the success of the Danish furniture manufacturer, who looks for good design not only in the future, but gladly goes into the past  to recover and revitalize forgotten design treasures of the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s. The results are intercontinental designs, which combine the past and the future to timeless design classics.

66 Products

Adnet by GUBI
from 669,00 €
Adnet (Alcantara) by GUBI
Adnet (Alcantara)
from 819,00 €
Adnet (rectangular) by GUBI
Adnet (rectangular)
from 719,00 €
Beetle (4 legs / plastic) by GUBI
Beetle (4 legs / plastic)
dining chair
from 309,00 €
Bestlite BL1 by GUBI
Bestlite BL1
Table lamp
from 599,00 €
Bestlite BL10 by GUBI
Bestlite BL10
Wall lamp
from 669,00 €
Bestlite BL2 by GUBI
Bestlite BL2
Table lamp
from 549,00 €
Bestlite BL3 by GUBI
Bestlite BL3
Floor lamp
from 849,00 €
Bestlite BL3M by GUBI
Bestlite BL3M
Floor lamp
from 959,00 €
Bestlite BL4 by GUBI
Bestlite BL4
Floor lamp
from 1.019,00 €
Bestlite BL5 by GUBI
Bestlite BL5
Wall lamp
from 579,00 €
Bestlite BL6 by GUBI
Bestlite BL6
Wall lamp
from 539,00 €
Bestlite BL7 by GUBI
Bestlite BL7
Wall lamp
from 399,00 €
Bestlite BL9L by GUBI
Bestlite BL9L
Suspension lamp
from 499,00 €
Bestlite BL9M by GUBI
Bestlite BL9M
Suspension lamp
from 289,00 €
Bestlite BL9S by GUBI
Bestlite BL9S
Suspension lamp
from 239,00 €