grand hall

outdoor kitchen, grill and barbecue are the trademarks of grand hall - since 1976 the premium manufacturer is recognised for its unique products all around the world. the various grill and barbecue variants such as e-grill, xenon, argon, premium and maxim are all produced in high quality and a true delight for every barbecue-party. grand hall - living style.

7 Products

Cover 5B by grand hall
Cover 5B
from 90,00 €
E-Grill by grand hall
electronic grill
from 240,00 €
E-Grill / GP-Grill by grand hall
E-Grill / GP-Grill
from 29,95 €
Premium GT Island Set by grand hall
Premium GT Island Set
gas grill
from 749,00 €
Rotisserie Set by grand hall
Rotisserie Set
from 145,00 €
Xenon 3 by grand hall
Xenon 3
gas grill
from 399,00 €
Xenon 4 by grand hall
Xenon 4
gas grill
from 499,00 €