With essential forms, baring all natural markings and characteristics as visible in design classics such as the table TA04 BIGFOOT™ and the stool ST04 BACKENZAHN™, e15 established a leading reputation for the pioneering use of solid wood in its purest form. In close cooperation with a coterie of designers, architects and artists, e15 develops original design furniture.

61 Products

Backenzahn ST04 by e15 -5%
Backenzahn ST04
Side table
from 684,00 €
Backenzahn ST04 by e15 -5%
Backenzahn ST04
from 684,00 €
Alex PA03 by e15
Alex PA03
Side Table
from 440,00 €
Alto SB01 by e15
Alto SB01
from 2.065,00 €
Anton TA14 by e15
Anton TA14
from 2.850,00 €
Araq SB10 by e15
Araq SB10
Bar cabinet
from 4.385,00 €
Arie SH05 by e15
Arie SH05
from 1.041,00 €
Aswan FK03 by e15
Aswan FK03
from 625,00 €
Bigfoot TA04 by e15
Bigfoot TA04
from 4.236,00 €
Busy WM01 by e15
Busy WM01
Standing cable manager
Price on request
Byron EC01 by e15
Byron EC01
Price on request
Calle BE01 by e15
Calle BE01
from 1.886,00 €
Calvert FK04 by e15
Calvert FK04
Coffee Table
from 488,00 €
Charlotte FK05 by e15
Charlotte FK05
Coffee Table
from 518,00 €
E15 Pflegeset by e15
E15 Pflegeset
Furniture care
from 40,00 €
Elam CU07 by e15
Elam CU07
Seat Cushion
Price on request