the cherner chair company produces new editions of the designer norman cherner as well as new designs of his son benjamin cherner. 

the plywood chair cherner chair is considered a modern classic and is now available in different versions: cherner armchair, cherner sidechair, cherner barstool, cherner stacking chair. the new editions are carefully produced according to the original drawings and dimensions.


11 Products

Cherner Armchair by cherner
Cherner Armchair
from 1.369,00 €
Cherner Barstool by cherner
Cherner Barstool
Bar stool
from 881,00 €
Cherner Side chair by cherner
Cherner Side chair
from 809,00 €
Lounge Armchair by cherner
Lounge Armchair
lounge chair
from 2.662,00 €
Lounge Chair by cherner
Lounge Chair
lounge chair
from 1.769,00 €
Ottoman by cherner
from 1.010,00 €
Table (oval) by cherner
Table (oval)
dining table
from 4.344,00 €
Table (rectangular) by cherner
Table (rectangular)
dining table
from 4.225,00 €
Table (round) by cherner
Table (round)
dining table
Price on request
Task Armchair by cherner
Task Armchair
swivel chair
from 1.903,00 €
Task Chair by cherner
Task Chair
swivel chair
from 1.546,00 €