Building blocks for a furniture brand with tradition and future... Out of this emerge solutions for classic yet modern interieurdesign on the highest level reachable. behr international maufactures excellent interieur in a sublime symbiosis with excellent quality.

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Chest of drawers
Price on request
menos bedside lockers by behr
menos bedside lockers
chest of drawers
from 1.449,00 €
menos coat rack E3525 by behr
menos coat rack E3525
wall coat rack
from 176,00 €
menos coat rack E3542 by behr
menos coat rack E3542
wall coat rack
from 140,00 €
menos E1256 by behr
menos E1256
chest of drawers
from 3.007,00 €
menos E1280 by behr
menos E1280
chest of drawers
from 2.401,00 €
menos E1545 by behr
menos E1545
chest of drawers
from 3.074,00 €
menos E1546 by behr
menos E1546
chest of drawers
from 3.260,00 €
menos E1560 by behr
menos E1560
chest of drawers
from 3.048,00 €
menos hat rack E9408 by behr
menos hat rack E9408
wardrobe element
from 637,00 €
menos mirror by behr
menos mirror
wardrobe mirror
from 538,00 €
menos Secretary by behr
menos Secretary
from 4.813,00 €
menos shoe cabinet E0840 by behr
menos shoe cabinet E0840
shoe cabinet
from 1.961,00 €
menos shoe cabinet E1240 by behr
menos shoe cabinet E1240
shoe cabinet
from 2.267,00 €
menos shoe cabinet E1255 by behr
menos shoe cabinet E1255
shoe cabinet
from 2.598,00 €
menos shoe cabinet E1260 by behr
menos shoe cabinet E1260
shoe cabinet
from 2.463,00 €