Baghera designs toy cars in the classic metal style - for children of all ages. Lovingly designed and decorated with many details, these pedal and slide cars not only delight the youngest children, but also their parents and grandparents. Speedster, Le Mans and Classic - these are timeless toy cars for everyone. After all, Baghera pedal cars inspire young and old.

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Classic Green by baghera
Classic Green
Pedal car
from 310,00 €
Classic Red by baghera
Classic Red
Pedal car
from 310,00 €
Race Kit by baghera
Race Kit
Cap, glasses
from 49,00 €
Rider Black by baghera
Rider Black
Ride-on car
from 189,00 €
Rider Heritage Bentley by baghera
Rider Heritage Bentley
Ride-on car
from 299,00 €
Rider Legend by baghera
Rider Legend
Ride-on car
from 189,00 €
Rider Red by baghera
Rider Red
Ride-on car
from 189,00 €
Speedster Chocolate by baghera
Speedster Chocolate
Ride-on car
from 99,00 €
Speedster Fire Man by baghera
Speedster Fire Man
Ride-on car
from 149,00 €
Speedster Pink by baghera
Speedster Pink
Ride-on car
from 139,00 €
Speedster Plane by baghera %
Speedster Plane
Ride-on toy
from 129,00 €