For over 30 years Aliseo has been at the forefront of a new culture of hospitality solutions. An efficient reinvention of luxury where the importance of design and function combine with the celebration of essentials to create an aesthetic functional refuge for the enjoyment of the guest.

36 Products

Air 1800 by Aliseo
Air 1800
hair dryer
from 88,00 €
Black Mambo 1875 by Aliseo
Black Mambo 1875
hair dryer
from 111,00 €
Bohemia by Aliseo
from 93,00 €
Carbonic 1900 by Aliseo
Carbonic 1900
Hair Dryer
from 123,00 €
Cosmo Minimalist by Aliseo
Cosmo Minimalist
make-up mirror
from 251,00 €
Eighteen (brush holder) by Aliseo
Eighteen (brush holder)
toilet brush holder
from 103,00 €
Eighteen (holder) by Aliseo
Eighteen (holder)
paper roll holder
from 83,00 €
Eighteen (hook) by Aliseo
Eighteen (hook)
towel hook
from 41,00 €
Eighteen (rail) by Aliseo
Eighteen (rail)
towel rail
from 108,00 €
Eighteen (spare holder) by Aliseo
Eighteen (spare holder)
spare roll holder
from 83,00 €
Ivana (container) by Aliseo
Ivana (container)
ice cube container
from 67,00 €
Ivana (tray) by Aliseo
Ivana (tray)
from 67,00 €
LED City Light by Aliseo
LED City Light
make-up mirror
from 451,00 €
LED Interface (free standing) by Aliseo
LED Interface (free standing)
make-up mirror
from 484,00 €
LED Interface (wall mirror) by Aliseo
LED Interface (wall mirror)
make-up mirror
from 389,00 €
LED Moon Dance (free standing) by Aliseo
LED Moon Dance (free standing)
make-up mirror
from 621,00 €

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