Yaacov Kaufman

Yaacov Kaufman lives and works in Israel and Europe. He works with companies from the design industry like Lumina Italia, Tecno, Arflex, Luxo Luxit and Monkey Business. As a professor he's working in Israel at the Faculty of Industrial Design, Bezalel and at the Art and Design Academy in Jerusalem. Yaacov Kaufman has won several design awards such as the Forma Finlandia, Form Design 88, Sandberg Price for R&D, Kai World Scissors, Wood of Finland and the Norwegian Design Council. He was represented at over 20 solo exhibitions in connection with experimental and conceptual design in various galleries and museums. Along with Avi Bourla he founded the furniture brand "gaga & design" in the area of contemporary furniture.

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Naomi by Lumina
by Lumina
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Naomi Terra by Lumina
Naomi Terra
by Lumina
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