Tommaso Cimini

Tommaso Cimini founded in 1973 the Italian design company Lumina. Tommaso Cimini had lived for many years in Milan where he also studied design. During his work on various projects it was in the 70s when he came up with the idea to start his own design company - this was the birth of Lumina. The first creation was the Lumina Daphine table lamp that soon celebrated an international success. In 1974, the Lumina Daphine collection was presented at the Milan Furniture Fair and found a lot of enthusiasm at the international audience. The lamp Daphine was such a success that they very successfully sold within a few years and was also included in the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design. In 1975 Tommaso Cimini began working with a variety of famous designers like Walter Monici, Riccardo Blumer, Yaacov Kaufman, Emanuele Ricci and DDL Studio. This enabled him to continuously develope the Lumina collections.

9 Products

Cloe by Lumina
by Lumina
from 351,00 €
Cloe Morsetto by Lumina
Cloe Morsetto
by Lumina
from 307,00 €
Daphine (LED) by Lumina
Daphine (LED)
by Lumina
from 450,00 €
Daphine Parete 20 LED by Lumina
Daphine Parete 20 LED
by Lumina
from 284,00 €
Daphine Parete 35 LED by Lumina
Daphine Parete 35 LED
by Lumina
from 284,00 €
Daphine Terra (LED) by Lumina
Daphine Terra (LED)
by Lumina
from 530,00 €
Daphinette (LED) by Lumina
Daphinette (LED)
by Lumina
from 312,00 €
Elle 1 by Lumina
Elle 1
by Lumina
from 580,00 €
Elle 2 by Lumina
Elle 2
by Lumina
from 821,00 €