Thonet Design Team

Continuing the tradition and way of thinking from Michael Thonet, Thonet develops in Frankenberg products in a careful and innovative design process. The team of designers, engineers and craftsmen of the highest quality craftsmanship created unique and successful products. The Thonet design is timeless, modern furniture with maximum comfort. The durability of the products is the focus of development. Therefore, for Thonet include intelligent material selection and effective use of resource-saving technologies as well as the functionality and aesthetics of the products to a solution-oriented and production-oriented design process.

8 Products

B 108 by thonet
B 108
by thonet
from 1.892,00 €
B 109 by thonet
B 109
by thonet
from 1.910,00 €
B 117 by thonet
B 117
by thonet
from 1.339,00 €
B 20 by thonet
B 20
by thonet
from 946,00 €
B 97 by thonet
B 97
by thonet
from 637,00 €
S 1200 by thonet
S 1200
by thonet
from 1.820,00 €
S 40 / S 40 F by thonet
S 40 / S 40 F
by thonet
from 720,00 €
S 412 by thonet
S 412
by thonet
from 3.231,00 €