Sebastian David Büscher

Born in Hamm in 1976, Sebastian David Büscher graduated in Interior Design from Fachhochschule Hildesheim (University of Applied Sciences). From 2000 he worked for various interior designers before founding his own office and realising his vision not only as an interior designer but also in the sense of his passion for product design. For him the areas overlap – excellent architecture is linked to interior design and gives rise to products, furniture and objects. Designer Markus T. IP 44, Casa Cultura and jetline count among his customers. Since 2003, Sebastian David Büscher has also been an enthusiastic co-owner, director of and lecturer at the “Lehrinstitut für Design” (Teaching Institute for Design) where he prepares young students for undergraduate studies in Design.

9 Products

El Pecho by conmoto
El Pecho
by conmoto
from 1.720,00 €
Forte by conmoto
by conmoto
from 2.290,00 €
Muro Stone by conmoto
Muro Stone
by conmoto
from 1.040,00 €
SINO VA by conmoto
by conmoto
from 420,00 €
Teras by conmoto
by conmoto
from 295,00 €
Uno by conmoto
by conmoto
from 1.290,00 €
X-Man by conmoto
by conmoto
from 2.775,00 €
Y-Woman by conmoto
by conmoto
from 3.060,00 €
ZEN by conmoto
by conmoto
from 460,00 €