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The constant desire for renewal and the will to create a dialogue between different fields of contemporary design, led the team of designers and developers within the company to seek collaboration and confrontation with young designers, already internationally established, who would inject more modernity. Thanks to continuous research and these partnerships, the company was able to open original paths creating new concepts of living the space. An example of the achievements is the victory in 2011 of two renowned international awards: the Wallpaper Design Award and Design Plus, sponsored by Messe Frankfurt and the 2012 Nominee by the German Design Award Council. The design and R & D team, which consists of architects Andrea, Alberto and Lorenzo Pinetti, driven by a continuous and constant desire to research and innovate, has achieved a know-how in terms of prototyping and design that helps increase the quality and the uniqueness of the objects produced. Their research goes hand in hand with the production in order to achieve the best possible results and meet the highest standards of quality and the most specific customer needs.

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Man Wallet by pinetti
Man Wallet
by pinetti
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Ovo by pinetti
by pinetti
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