Paolo Rizzatto

Born in Milan in 1941, he graduated in architecture at the Polytechnic. He worked on the construction and interior design of houses and civic buildings in Milan, Bologna, Novara, Chieti and Formentera. In 1991 he started to collaborate with Alias, for which he designed the armchair young lady, following by the stool young boy in 1993 and sofa in 2000. From 1997 he has been giving lectures on lighting design at the Domus Academy and the Polytechnic in Milan, where he lives and works.

12 Products

Giulietta by serralunga
by serralunga
from 981,00 €
Jolly by kartell
by kartell
from 132,00 €
Squiggle H1 by rotaliana
Squiggle H1
by rotaliana
from 1.404,00 €
Squiggle H2 by rotaliana
Squiggle H2
by rotaliana
from 1.880,00 €
Squiggle H3 by rotaliana
Squiggle H3
by rotaliana
from 2.594,00 €
Squiggle H4 by rotaliana
Squiggle H4
by rotaliana
from 3.189,00 €
Squiggle H5 by rotaliana
Squiggle H5
by rotaliana
from 4.974,00 €
Squiggle H6 by rotaliana
Squiggle H6
by rotaliana
from 327,00 €
Tree Table by Alias
Tree Table
by Alias
from 3.914,00 €
Upper by kartell
by kartell
from 285,00 €
Young Lady by Alias
Young Lady
by Alias
from 1.427,00 €
Young Lady by Alias
Young Lady
by Alias
from 225,00 €