Paolo Piva

Born in adria in 1950, he began studying at the faculty of architecture in venice in 1968, specialising in research in the visual field. In 1970 he assisted in the realisation of a project for a competition, the “wig 74”, held by the city of Vienna and took part in another competition for a monument to he resistance in the city of Modena. He attended the international university of the arts in Venice. Since 1970 he has been principally concerned with industrial design. In 1973, he studied at the faculty of architecture in Venice under professor Carlo Scarpa and got hit degree with a thesis “vienna from 1918 to 1934” which was supervised by professor Manfredo Tafuri. He was invited to the internazionalen malerwochen in Retzhof – Graz. in 1975 he worked for the istituto di storia e architettura di venezia and in association with the akademie für angewandten kunst of vienna, organised a huge exhibition on vienna during the socialist period. this exhibition gave birth to a similar one in 1980 in rome called “red vienna”. In collaboration with Manfredo Tafuri he prepared the catalogue for this exhibition and set out the display. In 1980 he was invited to design the kuwait embassy in Qatar. In 1981 he designed the interior display of several chains of clothes shops. In 1983 he was a guest lecturer at p.d.c. in los angeles. In 1985 worked at the renovation of the  “c. jourdan” head office in paris and in 1986 he worked at the renovation of  “palace remer” in venice. Since 1988 he is associate professor at the akademie für angewandten kunst in vienna and since 1991 he is regular professor. In the field of industrial design he has collaborated with various companies in europe and in the USA.

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