Mauro Lipparini

Mauro Lipparini graduated in 1980 from the University of Florence’s Department of Architecture where he has also been a faculty member. A leader and innovator in the style that has been called “natural minimalism,” Lipparini is a winner of the Young & Design Milano (Italy 1987) and International Du Pont Award Köln (Germany 1988 and 1989) international design competitions. Lipparini’s extensive work in the field of industrial design includes home and office furnishings, textiles, and other products created for a host of renowned European and Japanese firms. In the realms of architecture and interior design, Lipparini has concentrated primarily on private and public housing, retail and wholesale showrooms, and exposition installations. Lipparini also provides cutting-edge corporate identity construction services including graphic design, editorial, full-scale production, and product application. Lipparini’s style, rooted in the spare forms and clear, powerful lines that are the hallmarks of minimalism, is imbued with a spirit of joy, a buoyant sense of pleasure and possibility. Freely employing bold colors, organic textures, imaginative visual concepts, Lipparini broadens the palette of minimalism, conveying the immediacy and strength of the aesthetic into a new era.

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Cuff by Bonaldo
by Bonaldo
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Slab by Bonaldo
by Bonaldo
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Tip Toe by Bonaldo
Tip Toe
by Bonaldo
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Twice (white) by Bonaldo %
Twice (white)
by Bonaldo
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