Marcello Ziliani

marcello ziliani was born in brescia in 1963 under the sign of pisces. in 1988 he graduated in architecture at politecnico di milano with achille castiglioni as a speaker (and teacher unmatched). after three years abroad, he returned to italy and devoted himself mainly to developing projects for the design of furniture, complement, lighting, bathroom, office, objects and early childhood, working in addition to exhibitions, theatrical choreography, art direction, design coordination, graphics and communication. he signed projects for allibert, bbb, bertocci, calligaris casprini, ciacci, ciatti, donati, flex, flos, frascio, geuther, inglesina, infiniti, isa, krios, krover, lanzini, magis, modo e modo, norda, olympia, pali, progetti, rapsel, sintesi, techimpex, vanini, views international, visentin, zago.

12 Products

Azhar by casprini
by casprini
from 349,00 €
Azhar Cantilever by casprini
Azhar Cantilever
by casprini
from 243,00 €
Azhar Tube by casprini
Azhar Tube
by casprini
from 214,00 €
Azhar Wire by casprini
Azhar Wire
by casprini
from 245,00 €
Azhar Wood by casprini
Azhar Wood
by casprini
from 345,00 €
Caprice Spider by casprini
Caprice Spider
by casprini
from 341,00 €
Caprice Tube by casprini
Caprice Tube
by casprini
from 183,00 €
Caprice Wire by casprini
Caprice Wire
by casprini
from 231,00 €
Caprice Wire (Arm) by casprini
Caprice Wire (Arm)
by casprini
from 300,00 €
Mammamia by Opinion Ciatti
by Opinion Ciatti
from 688,00 €
Penelope by casprini
by casprini
from 372,00 €
Sabrina monobloc by casprini
Sabrina monobloc
by casprini
set-price from 228,00 €