Joe Colombo

Cesare (named Joe) Colombo was born in Milan on July 30th in 1930. For a couple of years, the autodidact attended the Academy Brera and the Faculty for Architecture at the Politecnico in Milan. Before he became a designer, he worked as painter, engineer, car dealer (he never gave up his passion for cars) and entrepreneur in the electro-branch.

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Boby L by b-line
Boby L
by b-line
from 551,00 €
Boby M by b-line
Boby M
by b-line
from 409,00 €
Boby S by b-line
Boby S
by b-line
from 315,00 €
Boby XS by b-line
Boby XS
by b-line
from 198,00 €
Colombo 626/L by Oluce
Colombo 626/L
by Oluce
from 1.250,00 €
Colombo 885/L by Oluce
Colombo 885/L
by Oluce
from 1.047,00 €
Coupé by Oluce
by Oluce
from 785,00 €
Coupé 3320/R by Oluce
Coupé 3320/R
by Oluce
from 2.951,00 €
Joe Colombo by kartell
Joe Colombo
by kartell
from 2.046,00 €
Multichair by b-line
by b-line
from 2.329,00 €
Poker by zanotta
by zanotta
from 571,00 €
Ring by b-line
by b-line
from 427,00 €
Spider 291 by Oluce
Spider 291
by Oluce
from 696,00 €
Spider 3319 by Oluce
Spider 3319
by Oluce
from 893,00 €
Spinny by b-line
by b-line
from 985,00 €