Jehs + Laub

As a team, Jürgen Laub and Markus Jehs are like a well-oiled machine. The two designers already met as students, and in 1994 they opened their joint studio, whose customers include furniture brands such as Cassina, Knoll International and Fritz Hansen. For Interlübke and their sister brand COR they designed "Jalis", a furniture series which translates the oriental art of relaxation for the modern western world.

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jalis by Interlübke
by Interlübke
from 6.386,00 €
Jehs+Laub by knoll international
by knoll international
from 3.249,00 €
Match 5200 by schönbuch
Match 5200
by schönbuch
from 768,00 €
Match 5210 by schönbuch
Match 5210
by schönbuch
from 895,00 €
Match 5215 by schönbuch
Match 5215
by schönbuch
from 645,00 €
Match T1 by schönbuch
Match T1
by schönbuch
from 904,00 €
Match T2 by schönbuch
Match T2
by schönbuch
from 650,00 €
Match T3 by schönbuch
Match T3
by schönbuch
from 678,00 €
mell (sideboard) by Interlübke %
mell (sideboard)
by Interlübke
from 3.141,00 €
mell time by Interlübke
mell time
by Interlübke
from 1.657,00 €
Sketch 1670 by schönbuch
Sketch 1670
by schönbuch
from 484,00 €
Sketch 1671 by schönbuch
Sketch 1671
by schönbuch
from 214,00 €
Sketch 1672 by schönbuch
Sketch 1672
by schönbuch
from 386,00 €