Gio Ponti

An architect, a designer and an artist, Gio Ponti (Milano 1891-1979) graduated in Milan in 1921 and initially entered into partnership with Emilio Lancia and Mino Fiocchi from 1927 to 1933. In 1927 he founded Il Labirinto with Lancia, Buzzi, Marelli, Venini and Chiesa in order to produce high-quality furniture and objects. From 1923 to 1930 he has been Richard Ginori’s artistic director. Thanks to the creation of Domus magazine in 1928 (which he presided over almost constantly until his death), Ponti made an intensive contribution to the renewal of the Italian production in the sector, giving it new impetus. Ponti has been a strong supporter of the Monza Biennale, then the Milan Triennale, of the Compasso d’Oro awards and of ADI (Association of Industrial Design). As an architect, he created the symbol of modern Milan, the Pirelli skyscraper, designed with Fornaroli, Rosselli and Nervi in 1956. In 1951, he realised the second Palazzo Montecatini (his first office building dates back to 1938-39). In 1957 he designed the super-celebrated Superleggera chair for Cassina, the crowning achievement of a long and fruitful working association. To his planning activities, he added educational activities, teaching at the Faculty of Architecture in Milan from 1936 to 1961.

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646 Leggera
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699 Superleggera
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