Frans Schrofer

Frans Schorfer leads his own design studio „Studio Schorfer“. Designs for the most different purposes, erasing the border between home-time and work, furthermore inserting style, comfort and new perspectives in the garden, emerge here with function, aesthetics and ergonomics in the backhead. Furnishing items are a help for a practical and comfortable life that is enriched by aesthetics and practical use of the objects, for Frans Schorfer and his team. Schorfer himself graduated at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. During his youth he spent a lot of time designing and constructing bicycles and motorcycles. His affinity for innovation and velocity is displayed in his current designs as well as his interest for technique that are behind the product. With this versatile passion in his head, he didn’t only develop new products, but also leads his team and overviews the production of the designs. Frans Schorfer’s designs are characterized by modern elegance, playful shapes and the respect for the real function of the objects. FransSchorfer’s team follows a balance between design and commercial aspects, whereby traditional manufacturing processes are combined with modern shapes. However, also new techniques and developments are considered if they improve the product. The one-man company that Frans Schorfer founded 20 years ago, a balanced company for the most different disciplines emerged meanwhile. The designs get recognition and success in the Netherlands and beyond its borders.

3 Products

Caruzzo  by Leolux
by Leolux
from 3.850,00 €
Caruzzo footrest  by Leolux
Caruzzo footrest
by Leolux
from 1.125,00 €
Tamarinde by Leolux
by Leolux
from 1.850,00 €