Eugeni Quitllet

Born in Ibiza in 1972, where he studied design at the institute of art. In 1996, after achieving a diploma in interior architecture and design from “La Llotja” art school in Barcelona, he began his career by working on installations for cultural organisations, such as the Joan Mirò Foundation. He also created ephemeral objects and spaces during the “Primavera Del Disseny” design biennial (1997, 1999, 2001). In 2001 he met Philippe Starck in Formentera, and they soon went on to develop a strong partnership. They have designed numerous projects together, including the Home/Gym/Office collection (2009) and the to ‘taime coat stand (2011) for Alias.He currently lives and works in Paris.

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Barbell rack by Alias
Barbell rack
by Alias
from 119,00 €
Dr. YES by kartell
by kartell
set-price from 328,00 €
Elle 070 by Alias
Elle 070
by Alias
from 511,00 €
Elle 073 by Alias
Elle 073
by Alias
from 602,00 €
Elle Arm Soft 072 by Alias
Elle Arm Soft 072
by Alias
from 1.034,00 €
Elle Soft 071 by Alias
Elle Soft 071
by Alias
from 930,00 €
Ghost Buster by kartell
Ghost Buster
by kartell
from 1.050,00 €
Masters by kartell
by kartell
set-price from 500,00 €
Masters metallic by kartell
Masters metallic
by kartell
set-price from 1.126,00 €
Masters Stool by kartell
Masters Stool
by kartell
from 406,00 €
Small Ghost Buster by kartell
Small Ghost Buster
by kartell
from 358,00 €
Super Impossible by kartell
Super Impossible
by kartell
from 332,00 €
Tic&Tac by kartell
by kartell
from 95,00 €