Dr. Peter Draenert

1937-2005, studied philosophy, art history, German and philosophy at the University of Tübingen. In 1965 Peter Draenert happened to find a slab from oil slate with fossils on a farm in the Swabian Mountains. He designed skids from polished stainless steel, because he wanted that table for himself. The very first Draenert-table, the model 1062 PRIMUS, was born and became a classics, because of its many ammonite inclusions, which point to an age of 180 million years. That table was the basis for many table-families that were developed later and which established the DRAENERT style. 1968 he started, together with his wife Karin, his own company in Friedrichshafen, with main objective: Realisation of applied art, designer furniture and art furniture. Working with unusual materials e.g. steel, glas and natural stone. 1973 the company moved to todays company residence Immenstaad. During the years the company expanded again and again. Movement was the motivation for all of Peter Draenerts designs. A dining-table should be extended easily with extension mechanisms and a coffee-table should at least have a swivel-plate or table tops with different heights. At all these reflections, every piece of furniture should be distinctive and have a special Draenert style. This Draenert style was the basis of his designs or briefings for other designers, that worked for Draenert. His furniture received many awards.

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Adler )Modell 1224) by Draenert
Adler )Modell 1224)
by Draenert
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Grande by Draenert
by Draenert
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Imperial by Draenert
by Draenert
from 1.910,00 €
Klassik by Draenert
by Draenert
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Largo by Draenert
by Draenert
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Lift by Draenert
by Draenert
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Nurglas by Draenert
by Draenert
from 695,00 €
Waage by Draenert -23%
by Draenert
from 1.526,00 €
Waage 4 by Draenert -14%
Waage 4
by Draenert
from 1.701,00 €
Why Not by Draenert
Why Not
by Draenert
from 990,00 €