Christophe Marchand

Christophe Marchand was born in the year 1965. Before he began studying Industrial Design at the University of Design and Art in Zurich, between 1987 and 1991, Marchand completed his apprenticeship as a cabinet maker. In the year 1993 Christophe Marchand opened the “Atelier for Product Development” in Zurich. He worked in numerous expositions for the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich and he taught at the Ecal Design University in Lausanne. Moreover Christophe Marchand is a member of the Design-council of the Thonet GmbH in Germany.

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DS-2660 MaRe by de sede
DS-2660 MaRe
by de sede
from 4.040,00 €
SEC Bookshelf by Alias
SEC Bookshelf
by Alias
from 3.318,00 €
SEC Sideboard by Alias
SEC Sideboard
by Alias
from 1.441,00 €
SEC Tower by Alias
SEC Tower
by Alias
from 1.197,00 €
SEC Trolley by Alias
SEC Trolley
by Alias
from 421,00 €