Alberto Meda

Alberto Meda, born 1945 in Tremezzina, Italy, studied mechanical engineering at the Milan Polytechnic. From 1972-79 he was technical director for Kartell, after which he worked as a freelance designer for companies including Alias, Alessi, Cinelli, Colombo design, Ideal Standard, Luceplan, Legrand, Mandarina Duck, Omron Japan, Philips, Olivetti and Vitra. Between 1981-85 he also served as a project consultant for Alfa Romeo. From 1983-87, Meda taught industrial technology at the Domus Academy in Milan. He became a docent at the Milan Polytechnic in 1995 and also served on the board of Designlabor Bremerhaven. Since 2003 he has taught at the University IUAV of Venice and lectured in places including Chicago, St. Louis (Washington University), Stockholm, Boisbuchet (Vitra Design Museum Workshops), Miami, São Paulo, Ulm, Istanbul and Toronto.

27 Products

Armframe by Alias
by Alias
from 942,00 €
Armframe Outdoor by Alias
Armframe Outdoor
by Alias
from 296,00 €
Bigframe by Alias
by Alias
from 526,00 €
Bigframe Outdoor by Alias
Bigframe Outdoor
by Alias
from 599,00 €
Biplane by Alias
by Alias
from 709,00 €
Biplane Outdoor by Alias
Biplane Outdoor
by Alias
from 1.616,00 €
Feetframe by Alias
by Alias
from 258,00 €
Feetframe Outdoor by Alias
Feetframe Outdoor
by Alias
from 296,00 €
Frametable by Alias
by Alias
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Highframe by Alias
by Alias
from 493,00 €
Highframe Outdoor by Alias
Highframe Outdoor
by Alias
from 559,00 €
Honeycomb by kartell
by kartell
from 240,00 €
In Orbita by serralunga
In Orbita
by serralunga
from 179,00 €
Longframe 419 by Alias
Longframe 419
by Alias
from 1.317,00 €
Longframe 439 by Alias
Longframe 439
by Alias
from 1.479,00 €
Longframe Outdoor by Alias
Longframe Outdoor
by Alias
from 1.427,00 €