Bravoure 35 carpet

Manufacturer: Danskina

Designer: Danskina Design Team, Christiane Müller

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Beautiful tufted rug with striking, distinctive play of yarns, structures and colours.

  • Material: 100% new wool
  • Very soft, durable, sturdy
  • Suitable for underfloor heating


width 150cm | length 200cm
height 35mm

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The very first rug in the Danskina collection, Bravoure is widely recognised as a classic. Very striking, it features a distinctive play of yarns, structures and colours. This gives it an intriguing expression, which is random yet perfectly balanced.

Made from pure new wool, Bravoure is strong and durable. Offering an alluringly rich pile, it has an archetypal tufted structure, which combines thick and thin yarns. It is available in two pile heights: the here offered 35mm and another 60mm.

Dyed in strands, the yarns used to construct Bravoure create an organic and intricate fusion of colours: subtle details and delicate contrasts emerge from the surface of the rug as the perspective of the viewer, or the light, changes. Since it was launched, Bravoure has always stood out for its innovative use of expressive colours.

Whilst its pioneering structure and composition have never been changed, it has been re-coloured three times: in 1993 and 2010 by Christiane Müller, and in 2012 by Cristian Zuzunaga. Currently, it is available in 22 colourways. The colourways from Christiane Muller are crafted to connect with contemporary interiors. They match the extravagance of Bravoure’s look, yet are ‘easy-in-use’. They also contain a few tones chosen by the designer to capture a feel of ‘time’ and ‘actuality’. The new colourways from Cristian Zuzunaga are designed to refresh Bravoure’s identity and uncover new qualities in its structure.

Capturing an air of an undersea coral garden, they balance bright and pastel shades. Bravoure is suitable for the private use. It can be used with under-floor heating and has been tested by TNO.


The Dutch lable enchants wool in couture carpets. Into rugs for Sunday's children, who appreciate liking things. Danskina specializes in the design and development of exclusive made-to-order contemporary rugs. A danskina rug is an essential element of the interior design. Combining craftsmanship and creativity in every detail. Marking a space and giving it personality. And because every rug is custom-made, it is your personality.

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